Alarm Panels


Overview of RControl alarm panel

  • Cost-effective solution for small and medium sized sites
  • Supports wired and wireless detectors
  • Supports keypad and rolling code keyfobs
  • SmartEnroll – self-learning zones for simple installation
  • Constantly monitored mobile data connection
  • Redundancy of the servers and the GSM operators
  • Full events reporting to Central Monitoring Stations
  • Reports the zone numbers and users
  • Remote control via a smartphone
  • Remote programming and firmware updates



Technical Specifications

  • Built-in GPRS communicator
  • 2 Partitions, 8 wired zones, 32 wireless zones
  • 1 bell output and 1 programmable output  (open collector 500mA)
  • Built-in RF receiver for the keyfobs and the   wireless detectors
  • Built-in 100dB piezo siren
  • Power supply: 90-260VAC – 14VDC 0.8A
  • 12V lead-acid battery charger



Programmable Features

  • SmartEnroll – preconfigured settings and self-learning zones, which in most cases eliminate the need of initial programming
  • Full Arm and Stay Arm modes  
  • Configuration of Entry/Exit time delay and  alarm cycle duration
  • Zone types: Instant, Entry/Exit, Follow, Tamper, Panic, Fire
  • “Panic button” function built-in the wireless   keyfobs

Smart Features

  • Mobile application for Android and iPhone
  • Remote arming and disarming via a smartphone
  • Multiple options for real-time user notifications
  • View event logs back in time
  • Bypassing of zones
  • Custom labeling of partitions, zones and users
  • Custom branding with company logo